How does it work?

Subscribe to have your Two Islands products automatically delivered to your doorstep, so you never run out.

  1. Find your favorites

    Select your products and choose subscribe and save on the product page.

  2. Set your schedule

    Choose to receive your products anywhere between every 2-8 weeks.

  3. Leave the rest to us

    We’ll deliver your subscription orders to your door, when it suits you.

Subscription savings

Collagen Beauty Powder

Collagen Beauty Powder

A$99.95 RRP / A$79.96 on sub

Pea Protein Powder

Pea Protein Powder

500g - A$48.95 RRP / A$39.16 on sub

1kg - A$89.95 RRP / A$71.96 on sub

Frequently asked questions

Can I change my subscription flavour or product?

It’s easy to swap flavours at any time by simply logging into your account and updating your subscription settings in your dashboard. If you’d like to swap products entirely, or include something new just add it to your cart, select the subscribe and save 20% option and go through the checkout process as normal (please remember to cancel any products you don’t wish to receive anymore to avoid any accidental double-ups).

Can I change my subscription frequency?

If you find that you’ve got too much or too little product you can easily change the frequency you receive your orders. Simply login to your account and update your subscription settings in your dashboard.

Can I subscribe to multiple items?

Yes, you can. Simply select subscribe and save 20% on the products you wish to receive and add them to cart. Please note that if you choose different delivery frequencies for each product then these will be charged and delivered separately after your first order.

Can I receive my product sooner?

Yes, you can. Simply login to your account and change your order frequency, or have it sent the same day through our Subscriptions settings page.

How does payment work?

Your card will be charged at checkout for your first order, and again each time a subsequent order is processed for dispatch. Please remember to keep your credit card details updated - but don’t worry, we’ll send you a friendly reminder if it slips your mind.

Is Afterpay available on subscription orders?

Sorry, unfortunately Afterpay is available on one-time purchases, not subscription orders. 

Can I skip a delivery?

If you’re going away and would like to skip a delivery you can push out the delivery timeframe to a maximum of 8 weeks through your subscription settings in your account. We’re not able to pause subscriptions indefinitely, so if you’d like to skip your delivery for a period of more than 8 weeks, please contact us for assistance.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription simply login, and select cancel in your subscription settings. Please note that your cancellation should be received 24 hours before your next order is due to dispatch to take effect immediately.

I cancelled my subscription, can I resubscribe?

It’s easy, login to your account and simply select resubscribe against the product of your choice in your subscription settings. 

How much is delivery?

Delivery is free within New Zealand.

How often should I have Collagen delivered?

We recommend that Collagen Beauty Powder is taken daily, and each tub is 30 serves which is 1 months supply. If you think you may forget to take Collagen on the odd day we recommend you subscribe to 5 weekly deliveries so you don’t end up with a back log of product.

How often should I have Protein delivered?

The 500g tub is 20 serves and the 1kg tub is 40 serves. If you plan on having a serve of Two Islands protein every day the most cost effective way to subscribe is a 1kg tub every 6 weeks. If you have Two Islands every few days we recommend you subscribing to a 1kg tub every 8 weeks.