Our Story

Two Islands came to life right here in New Zealand in 2018, guided by a love for nutrition, a no-fuss philosophy and an antipodean approach.

We’ve designed our range to support your health and well-being, in a way that fits around your lifestyle. Modern life is busy, so we understand that it’s all about balance, and taking a moment to care for yourself. We’re big believers in keeping things simple, so we’ve made it easy to get a daily dose of the nutrients you need while you’re out there moving and shaking.

Our products are lovingly blended in New Zealand using the best quality high potency ingredients available. You’ll never find any fillers or unexpected surprises in our range, just pure goodness that does what it says it will and tastes great too.

We’re a small, but passionate team and we’re proud to see the products we’ve dreamed up shared with our community, and the world.

Two Islands x