Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
Two Islands Protein Powder & Collagen Beauty Powder is safe to consume during pregnancy and breastfeeding, however it is advised to discuss supplement intake with your GP before consumption, just to be safe.
What liquid other than water can your protein powders be mixed with?
Two Islands protein powder can be mixed with almond milk, coconut milk, oat milk, soy milk, rice milk and cow’s milk. It is also great mixed through yoghurt for a post workout snack.
Can I change or cancel my order?
Our dispatch team start processing and dispatching your order as soon as we have received it to ensure you get it as quick as possible, this means we are unable to make changes to an order once its been placed.
Can I have my parcel sent to another address?
Yes – however once your order has been dispatched from our warehouse we are unable to make delivery changes for you and you will need to arrange a redirection via Courier Post.
Where is my order?
Once your order has been placed, our team work hard to ensure it's shipped as soon as possible. Once your order has been despatched, you will receive an email from us with your tracking information. If you have any queries, feel free to email us at > orders@twoislandsco.com. If you don’t receive an email to your inbox, please check your spam folder for tracking details.
I received my delivery and was sent the wrong item/a product is missing – what can I do?
We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Please drop us an email at orders@twoislandsco.com with your order number, and we'll get that resolved for you as soon as possible!
Who do you ship with?
We send all Australian orders via NZ Post. If you have any concerns regarding your delivery once in transit, please contact us on orders@twoislandsco.com
Should I take Two Islands Collagen Beauty Powder every day?
For best results we recommend you take 1x serve (10g) of Two Islands Collagen Powder every day.
What is the dosage of Marine Collagen per 10g serve?
We are high dose, so you notice results fast. The Unflavoured Collagen Beauty Powder contains 9.95g of marine collagen per 10g serve. Pineapple & Coconut Collagen Beauty Powder contains 9.45g and Vanilla Bean Collagen Beauty Powder contains 9g.
Do you need to take a Vitamin C supplement as well as Collagen Beauty Powder?
Two Islands Collagen Beauty Powder has added Vitamin C to help with absorption. It contains the recommended RDI (recommended daily intake) of Vitamin C for an adult.
What is the recommended dosage of collagen per day?
We recommend 1x 10g serve per day. This can be split morning and night if you prefer to have 5g in the morning and 5g at night.
Can males use Two Islands Collagen Beauty Powder?
YES! Absolutely, we recommend males use Two Islands Collagen Beauty Powder to help with hair, skin and nail health.
Are your products gluten free?
Yes, all Two Islands products are gluten free.
Is Two Islands Protein Powder suitable for children?
Yes, Two Islands Protein Powder is suitable to use as part of a nutritious diet that taste delicious too.
Do you offer free samples of your protein?
We do not offer free samples, however you can buy a sample bundle of all 4 protein flavour sachets online for $15 with free shipping to NZ and Australia.
Where is my scoop?
The scoop can sometimes make its way to the bottom of the tub during transit. Please dig around with a spoon to check it is there, if you still can't find it get in touch, hello@twoislandsco.com.
Where are your products manufactured?
All Two Islands products are blended and packed in Auckland, New Zealand.
Where is the best place to store your products?
We advice to store your protein and collagen powder in a dry, cool place, such as a closet or pantry. Do not store Two Islands products in the refrigerator or freezer.
What is your protein and collagen sweetened with?
It is naturally sweetened with monk fruit extract so there’s less than 1g of sugar in each serving.
Where are your peas in the protein powder sourced from?
Our formula is blended with the highest quality golden peas grown in Canada.
What type of collagen is used in the beauty powder?
We have used a French marine collagen; it is sourced from the skin of fish. The fish are sustainably sourced and it is a by-product of the fishing industry.
Do your products contain artificial sweeteners, artificial flavours, colouring's, or preservatives?
No, Two Islands protein powders and collagen beauty powder do not contain any artificial sweeteners, artificial flavours, colouring’s, or preservatives.
Do your products contain dairy?
No, Two Islands protein powders and collagen beauty powder do not contain dairy.
Do your products contain soy?
No, Two Islands protein powder and collagen beauty powder is 100% soy free.
What is Monk Fruit?
Monk fruit is a small green gourd that resembles a melon. It’s grown in Southeast Asia. Monk fruit sweeteners are made from the fruit’s extract. The extract contains zero calories, zero carbohydrates, zero sodium, and zero fat. Monk fruit is 50x sweeter than cane sugar.
Do your products contain caffeine?
No, Two Islands protein powder and collagen beauty powder does not contain caffeine.